Confessions with singer Somlata - a special chat show


Celebrity talk shows have always been high on popularity, something that has skyrocketed in recent years. These shows successfully engage a diverse audience consuming content across a seamless mix of new and traditional media formats. However, these often replicate another in terms of form and content. 104.8 Ishq F.M successfully breaks that clutter, as singer Somlata Acharya rocks in her new avatar as a radio jockey in the show ‘Confessions with Somlata’, Monday to Friday 9pm - 12 midnight.CWS as a candid on-air show has got Somlata as the vibrant host, playing the perfect confidante with much aplomb. Friday Specials is an extension to this on-air show, where celebrities are supposed to meet for a chat session, and stay frank, bold and extremely transparent in their exchanges with Somlata. ‘Friday Special’ episodesare meant to have a
celebrity guest for an adda-session with Somlata, touching upon various personal and professional anecdotes. The show is layered with many a fun filled moment, at the same time indulging in deep and meaningful conversations.

This was the exact juncture where we had ParnoMittra with us as the first guest; the mood was correct for a chat this explosive! All the discussions that followed after the initial greetings were honest and bold to the core; a few of the exchanges even brought out the ugly face of today’s society. The episode goes on to project the human beings behind the celebrities that they both are – the episode projects and portrays Prano and Somlata as not just celebrities, but as beings of flesh and blood, people who have feelings. The episode brings out social stigmas still at play, holds up a mirror so that we can see ourselves and feel ashamed and finally, cheers us up because of two best friends chatting on-screen. Parno reflects on a wide range of topics, stringing various aspects of society, culture, relationships and life in general. Trolls, body sensitivity, complexion shaming, debut movie, high points, low points, dating, gift preferences, naughty rapid fire questions, candid and bold answers, you ask them and they are here! This latest episode of ‘Friday Specials’ sees actress Parno Mitra in a never before explosive mood as she chats with her friend Somlata, who like her, had shot to stardom with the 2011 film ‘Ranjana Ami ArAshbona’. ‘Confessions with Somlata’ as a show portrays rare warmth and candour crafting its own signature on the audience’s mind.

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