Google Stopped Indexing The Web?


There may be a serious Google bug or it might just be a interface issue - I am not sure - but if you try to find recent content indexed by Google - Google won't be able to help you out. If you try to search for content in the past hour or so from sites like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or almost any site, you will be out of luck.
Update: Google has confirmed there is an issue they are working on:
We're currently experiencing indexing issues that may cause stale search results in some cases. We'll update this thread when we can provide more information.
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Valentin Pletzer notified me of this on Twitter and shared this screen shot:
Looks to me as if Google stopped indexing (news?) an hour ago. Noticed at first with our pages but seems to be true for everyone (see screenshot) @searchliaison @JohnMu can you confirm this?
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I can replicate this, any site query for any major site, even minor sites like this one, do not bring up any results in the Google search engine for the past hour.
Here are more screen shots:
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FYI - it is not just the site command, if you filter any queries within an hour, it comes up with weird results at best.
I assume this is a bug and Google will have it fixed pronto.
Forum discussion at Twitter.
Update: Google Search Console believes it is indexed, but it is not, this is from 2+ hours after publishing this story:
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Update: At around 1pm ET it looks like this article is finally showing in the Google search results:
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It does seem back to normal now but Google has yet to confirm...

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