'oboshesher golpo' an imaginary extension of 'sesher kobita'


Pallavi Banerjee, Kolkata: ‘Obosesher Golpo’ is a short film directed by Ananjan Majumder. The story is an imaginary extension of Tagore’s ‘Sesher Kobita’. The story revolves around two young couple and primary characters of the celebrated novel. When they meet again after 25 years what will be their equations? Will they just pretend to be normal while still a strong current of bitterness flow within? Will they deny to be acquainted? Will they stop any further connection? Or will they take best from the life and move on? The film does not only take the admirers of Sesher Kobita back to the pages but gets developed as an independent story accepting the tragedy and challenges of life and shows the way to move beyond. Recently a theatre screening of ‘Obosesher Golpo’ took Place at Nandan. Ananjan Majumder, Anjana Basu, Badsha Maitra, Shreya Roy Choudhury and the whole Team: Obosesher golpo were present at the screening. The screening was a big success for ‘Obosesher Golpo’ team. Many brilliant actor and actresses worked in this movie. ‘Obosesher Golpo’ features Anjana Basu as Labanya, Bidipta Chakraborty as Ketaki, Badshah Maitra as Sovonlal, Soubhari Chatterjee as Sparsho, Aratrika Sen as Palok. The Background Score and Music is done By Gaandharva, Costumes were designed by Jayanti Sen and Ayan Hore, Make up was done by Sorav Ganguly, Hair stylists were Sekhar Das, Shyamali Das and Jayashri Das, Publicity designer was Ekta, Sound Engineering was Sayan Kundu, Production designer and Associate director was Shreya Roy Choudhury and Screenplay, Editing and direction was brilliantly done by Ananjan Majumder.

The movie has been released on 30 th May on Youtube. Have a nice journey From ‘Sesher Kobita’ to
‘Obosesher Golpo’.
The Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/lMg6oo3e1ok

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