Annual Conference and Academic Feast of Medical India Happened At ITC Sonar, Kolkata

Pallavi Banerjee, Kolkata : Today in spite of age most of the people are suffering from Cardio Vascular Disease. According to WHO, if it is so happened, soon it will be epidemic in Indian Sub-continent. In this perspective, Cardiology Update on AMRICON-19, the Annual Conference and Academic Feast of Medical India is very much important. On 8 th June and 9th June it was held at ITC Sonar, Kolkata. It was a two days long program which introduced latest treatments, new devices and national and international facilities regarding cardio vascular disease.

    AMRI Hospital group hopes that it will enlighten all the cardiologists and health care professionals who are attached with this. The objective of discussion of this conference was to create face to face interactions and tutorials to learn about it and to tell people to share the protocols.

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    All over the India, Kolkata is one of the best places for heart treatment. “Today we have achieved the milestone of Heart transplant too.’’ Dr. P.K Hazra said that. AMRI group of hospitals is the pioneer of cardiology treatment in Kolkata. AMRI always supported new technologies that are best for the patients. In the long journey, Hospital has been is always sympathetic to the people and try to serve best service and treatment to the patients.

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