Apple: The I-pad is now the best computer for a lot more people


Pallavi Banerjee, Kolkata : This time last year Ipad and tablets faced an uncertain future after years of customer declining. In last few months apple redesigned both it’s low end and high end ipads and now they have started gaining customer interest again. They redesigned their ipods as well. “It’s become a truly distinct experience.” Craig Federighi Senior vice president of Software engineering
said in an interview on Monday after introducing ipadOs at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. “it’s not an iphone experience. It’s not a Mac experience. The name is a recognition of that.” With ipadOs, to be released in the fall, apple will deliver a set of features that will fill in some of product’s biggest gap. Federighi said “we’ve expanded the domain where people can say the ipad is the best solution.” The new ipadOs has best new features like New home screen, Improved multitasking, Full desktop safari, Better File management, Plug in drives, Camera support, Font support, Faster editing, Apple pencil markup, Sidecar. Apple didn’t announce the support of mice and trackpads. Apple’s stance has been that if it gives users a mouse, they’ll fall back on it. Apple developers including Steve Troughton-Smith quickly dug into the developer beta of  iOS 13  and spotted that mouse support has been added as an accessibility feature to work with USB mice and Apples Magic Trackpad. This feature makes the cursor look like a black circle about the size of a finger tip, as shown in this video Troughton-Smith posted on Twitter: These are just a few of the privacy features in iOS 13 and iPadOS. One of  slides showed a much larger list on stage. Even if this capability that would sell more products, we'd still do it because we think it's the
right thing to do," Federighi said of privacy. "We build the products that we want
to use.

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