TCT web desk, Kolkata:  After a four year long hiatus, the Calcutta Boys’ School is back with the Assembly of Nations and we could not be but proud of them. In order to provide the readers with the highlights of the two days long conference, the International Press Corps (IPC) undertakes the task of hand-picking the best of moments from the above coveted event.
“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”- with this notion being the theme of the conference, the Assembly of Nations, 2019, brings with it the universal message of peace, which needs to be incubated in the cuckoo bird’s nest of international relations. In order to make this initiative a success, the Calcutta Boys School, Assembly of Nations, Model United Nation (CBS AON MUN) has come up with five unique committees, dealing with five different agendas but with the same aspiration to negotiate and reach a consensus for the betterment of the world. The various schools present in the conference were DPS Megacity, DPS Newtown, DPS Ruby Park, La Martineers, Don Bosco and Heritage.
On the auspicious morning hours of 24th June, 2019, the Assembly of Nations kicked off with a sophisticated opening ceremony. Lighting of candles and an effortless recitation from the choir set the tone for the day. Following the Principal’s address, the stage was adorned with the presence of Mr.Sharma, vice-president of West Bengal’s United Nations Organisation. His views on current affairs boosted up the students with the will to tackle the situations presented before them. Following that, we had Mr.Zha Liyau, Consulate General of China, who shared his personal experience in working with diplomats back in New York. Again with the soulful recitation of the choir, the ceremony came to an end.

The United Nations Security Council(UNSC), this year at AON, deals with two agendas which plague the very existence of peace and liberty in middle-eastern nations. The very first agenda deals with the crisis in Yemen which the delegates of Security Council deliberated upon at length. Following this, the second agenda concerning the development of technology and communication facility to maintain international security also found prominence among the delegates. But the only problem lay in reaching a consensus on various issues and policies.
The Senate of Pakistanis to counter Insurgencies in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an armed conflict involving Pakistan, and armed militant group. The borders of Pakistan, specially the mountaneous regions of Waziristan, have been very prone to the terror attacks by various terror organizations within Pakistan and Afghanistan. There have been many casualties among IDPs(Internally Displaced Persons) in Pakistan due to these insurgencies, and hence my committee has made looking into the welfare of the IDPs in Pakistan their first priority. They have also decided upon developing the FATA(Federally Administered Tribal Areas) region and providing it some recognition.
The OIC EU Joint Meet is a historic joint conference was convened in order to identify and locate ostensible spheres of collaboration and coordination between the European Union and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation,common issues inundating members of both the bodies and adoption of an efficacious Action Plan against terrorism.
During the proceedings of the committee delegates raised apposite issues such as influx of forced migrants, civil uprisings in the Middle East And Islamophobia in Europe. Indigenous conflicts such as the Palestinian question and ADF demonstrations were also discussed and solutions were proposed.

The committee of UN Womenstarted off with a quite start. Negotiations were done in a rather diplomatic way, and solutions were laid down. After some times, the committee became dramatic and interesting when the Delegate of United Arab Emirates commented “L GBTQ+ community and gay sex must be discouraged. The infections that spreads through gay sex, are the punishments of God. Moreover, it is a sin to give women a higher place than men”. At this, the fellow delegates rose in rebellion, to safe guard the rights of women and that of the human being as a whole. The committee laid emphasis on spreading awareness about the various reproductive rights available to the women across the globe and include sex education “as a part of environmental studies”. At last, the committee reached a consensus that there is a dire need that all the world leaders come together and work for a much more progressive and safe world for women as well as men. The committee was a success.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change committee at the Calcutta Boys School, Assembly of Nations discusses one of the most important issues
of the present times - Climate change.Discussion on basic factors such as melting of polar ice caps to the complex concept of SIDS and even carbon tax, a lot of recent incidents and solutions to counter the threat of climate change are being discussed at the UNFCCC.

On the evening of 25th June, 2019, the AON MUN ended on a note of optimism. It is not the accolades or certificates which teach us diplomacy. It is the experience in dealing with various pressing situations which makes us a class apart. The knowledge which the delegates have gathered over the course of two days, will certainly help them in their future MUNs as well as in their life. “Dei Mundus Deo (The world of God, for God)”, with this thought the CBS AON bids farewell with the promise of an even better experience for the next year.

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