Char e 420: Celebrating A story of Friendship and Love


Pallavi Banerjee, Kolkata: ‘Char e 420’ is a movie directed by Atiul Islam. This Story begins with Four friends. One of them is fibber, one is extremely liar, one is phlegmatical in nature though is an opportunist in the sense of naughtiness and the last one is very interesting in character. His name is Sunny. Sunny has fallen in love with a pretty girl in his dream. In real life, Sunny is a playboy who has  relation with multiple girls,  but he is in a deep and passionate relationship with that unknown girl, who comes everyday in his dream.  One day the girl in his dream, told him that her marriage has been decided from his house and thus she started to weep, constantly requesting him to take her away. The next morning, Sunny after discussing with his three close friends decided to search for the girl and finally found her. After this the film take a dramatic turn with a joy ride of comedy, drama, suspense and action. Char a 420 is a full entertainment package where we can get to see how Sunny with the help of his three friends finds his dream girl and manage to marry her. 

Recently the first look of ‘Char e 420’ was launched and and the whole cast and crew was present there. The cast includes many reknowned and brilliant actors and actresses like Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Partha Sarathi, Kharaj Mukherjee, Raju Majumder, Rohan Gama Mir, Debasish Ganguly, Montu Mallik, Ivlina Chakraborty, Arun Banerjee, Piya Sengupta, Deep Maity and Momo. The crew includes Atiul Islam as Director, Sun Das as Associate Director, Subhomoy Bhowmick as E.P, the story, script and dialogue is done by Rashed, Music director is Santanu Bhattacharya, lyrics are written by Rashed Santanu, Choreography is done by Pankaj, singers are Shaan, Anwesha, Akash, Arnab, Santanu, Angshuman, D.O.P by Ranjit Mondal, Editing is done by Phalguni Chakraborty and makeup artist is Santanu Mondal. The movie is presented by Zenith Production House and Produced by Rabindranath Chakraborty Best wishes for the whole team of ‘Char e 420’. And we hope it is having some amazing content!

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