Shooting of ‘Footpath’ at Dahighat


PCP Entertainment and Launcherz PR and Events shot for short film ‘Foothpath’ at Dahi Ghat today. The concept was given by Sri Rajiv Lodha and the director was Jeet Chakraborty. The concept emphasized on lifestyle and the hardships of people living in footpaths. The cast and crew of the film are Father Debi Prasad Ghosh, Mother Sanchari Ghosh, Daughter Mouma Ghosh, Inspector Chandramouli Chowdhury, Prostitute Priya Chakraborty, Common People Subhodip Majumder, Jeet
Bhowmik, and Women Ananya Banerjee. The producers are Priya Das and Jeet Chakraborty and the
executive producer is Chandramouli Chowdhury.

Director Jeet Chakraborty said, ‘We have come up with different concept for the first time as every
other director has done on concept of upper class and middle class. We thought for the people of
footpath their lifestyle and hardships so an awareness can be created. It is a two days shooting
programme and one song will be there in the film.’
Sri Rajiv Lodha, Launcherz PR & Events said,’ It is an initiative to create social awareness so that various Ngos and social organization can know about the situation and do welfare for them.’
About PCP Entertainment: PCP Entertainment is a top company in the category of Dance Classes as well as Acting Classes and is located in Bansdroni.
About Launcherz PR & Event: Launcherz is a Public Relations and Events Management Company, earning its extensive experience both in the private and public sector. We offer a 360 degree approach on integrated communication and management services, specializing in media relations, Marketing, events and branding.

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