Mankind has added a stigma to the people with disabilities, whoever thinks disable people are running off track and can be dominated are the ones who is truly disable.
This program will be hosted by National Abilympics Association of India under the aegis of Sarthak Educational Trust. The focus remains on the Literacy and employment opportunities.
People here will be offered with various skills which include CAD Architecture, Desktop Publishing, Character Designing, E-Sport, Tailoring, Floral Arrangement, Beauty Therapy, Jewelry Making, Bakery and Cooking categories. This initiative is trying to highlight the issue that nearly 30 million PWDs in the country are looking for jobs and empowerment and make them self reliant.
Participation entries will go till 6 August 2019. The winners of National Abilympics will represent India at International Abilymics to be held in Russia in 2020.
Report by Anik Bose
The Citizen Times

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