Avasa Organic is all set to enter Kolkata’s Market with 4 different products for now. AVASA ORGANIC, strives to provide pure, natural and organic products that helps people live a better, healthier and wholesome life. Today at Hindustan Club the product was launched with much grandeur in presence of Tollywood Flim Actress Mrs. Gargi Roy Chowdhary as Chief Guest ; Shri Sita Ram Sharma , President of Bharat Chamber Of Commerce and Honorary Consulate of The Republic of Belarus in Kolkata ;Sri Shiv Kumar Lohia, Chairman Rotary Club of Belur;Dr. Sarfaraz Jalil Baig ,Gi Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgeon; Mrs. Jyoti Jain, Chairperson, FLO , Kolkata Chapter; Sri Mohan Singh Ahluwalia, Former commissioner of Haryana, Member, Animal Welfare Board, Govt Of India as Guest of Honors and CEO, Mr. Kishore Gupta .

             Avasa products are produced by methods that comply with the international standards and

practices that strive to cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Health and well-being is an integral part of everyone life “Our goal with Avasa is to create food and beverage products that offer functional ingredients that better health of the global market. Initially we are launching 4 products. Gradually we plan to launch the whole range of food products including cereals, condiments, herbal ghee, grains, groceries, ground spices, health foods, masalas, oils, pulses, flours, spices, sweetners, salts, etc.,’’ said Mr. Kishore Gupta, CEO Avasa Organic . The first available range of Avasa products consists of

Desi Cow Ghee 
1 litre Rs, 1099
500 ml Rs 599
250 ml Rs 329
 Our ghee, purest and farm fresh is truly in its natural form where cows are untied and free roaming.. Our cows are fed with green grass/fodder and combination of other nutritional feed intakes like jaggery, sugarcane, sea salt, with combination cereals like Jowar/ Chana/ Makka etc.


  •  It is rich in Beta A2 proteins and helps in faster brain development.
  •  No chemicals, pesticides or insecticides are used which makes this ghee safe to consume.
  •  It helps in weight loss as it contains Omega-3 & Omega-6 & Omega-9 fats.
  •  It helps in balancing hormones as it is rich in Vitamin K2 which builds hormones along with Vitamin A, D, E 
  •  It is good for your heart. Vitamin K2 found in desi ghee helps in preventing calcium
  • deposits in the arteries that can lead to blockages and obstruct blood flow.
  •  It contains vitamin B 12
  •  Yellow colour means pure cow ghee which means there is no added colour.

Kutchi Ghani Mustard Oil
1 litre Rs, 299
500 ml Rs 199
300 ml Rs 149
Kutchi Ghani Mustard Oil, traditionally extracted from the first press of mustard
seeds, comes with a high pungency level and strong aroma. Being pure, our cooking
oil retains its natural properties and mustard oil benefits.. Avasa Kutchi Ghani
Mustard Oil tastes good and its quality remains intact as it is packed in glass jars for


  • A source of iron and various other nutrients. One serving of Mustard Oil has0 g sugar, 0 g trans-fat and 0 mg cholesterol.
  • Has cardiovascular benefits as it contains rich amounts of mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA) as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which lowers your risk of developing heart diseases by 50%.

Wild Forest Honey
1litre Rs, 549
500 ml Rs 329
250 ml Rs 199
Wild forest honey is pure, natural and chemical free with no harmful
sweeteners like sugar It is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids
and healing properties. It is a natural source of energy with a delicious taste and
smell. Honey is naturally complete with healthy minerals and nutrients. Our Avasa
Organic Wild Forest Honey tastes good and its quality remains intact as it is packed
in glass jars for purity.


  •  Boosts Immunity and has anti-cancer and & anti- tumour properties.
  •  Helps in a sore throat, treating cold, cough and fever.
  •  Helpful in reducing body weight and reducing cholesterol levels.
  •  Rich in vitamin B ; C.

4.Desi Ghee Atta Biscuit
250 gm- Rs 299
Our pure desi ghee atta cookies are pure vegetarian cookies freshly baked with a
secret recipe. Savour your sweet biscuit craving instantly.


  •  HOMEMADE, HANDMADE,Rich in Taste.
  •  100% Eggless Baking.
  •  Made With Desi Cow Ghee.
  •  No Added Preservatives And Artificial Colours/Flavours (Freshly Baked)
  •  Our desi ghee atta biscuits are fresh & of superior quality.
  •  Our biscuits are made from Chucky Fresh Atta (Whole Wheat) & not Maida (Flour).

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