World is developing at a fast pace, it has introduced many items to easy our life, we humans have made our house in the cluster of bricks and threatening to the Flora by cutting them down , now life in 21st century is been judged by the social platforms people have but one thing is alarming is the Heart Disease claiming about 17.5 million lives every year. People are inclined towards tobacco  unhealthy diet , physical inactivity and consumption of Alcohol has been the cause of such heart diseases.

This rapid growth of heart diseases is growing globally and at least 80% of premature deaths are occuring from Cardiac Vascular Diseases. 
Few safety measures has been prescribed by the doctors to people who tend to follow this routine of unhealthy lifestyle to be maintained by Echocardiography , Stress ECG , Colour Doppler Test and other various latest echo & imaging related tests where the procedure are very much important and essential for the betterment.
To spread the awareness Cardiological Society of India ,West Bengal branch has organized the 1St Eastern India Echo Imagine Conclave was held in ITC Sonar on 27th and 28th July 2019.
Views for the conclave and issues were raised by Dr. Debbrato Roy and Dr. Kajal Ganguly where they shared words for an enriching goal for the whole mankind.

Report By Anik Bose
The Citizen Times

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