Pre Announcement of BOOM MMA Indian Premier Fighting League

IPFL has been introduced in India to champion the scenario of Martial Arts in the country and to tap talent from grassroots level. At a press conference today at press club the IPFL was announced in presence of the Team owners, the participants and the organising team. The IPFL league is schedule to be hosted in Kolkata on 28th July,2019 at Radisson, Ballygunge, Kolkata 

Powered by -
Monster Energy

Endorsed by -
The FitExpo

Initiated By - 
Pune MMA Dragons, Aqlib

Taponomics Combat Championship Pvt. Ltd. Person behind the organization - Norbu Wangdi Bhutia, President Ratul Dana White of Kolkata.

Sanctioned by -
CSA (Combat Sports Association)

Supported by -

The franchised IPFL League will see these fighters representing teams from and namely.

Team and Team Owners

Assam Warriors - Gagan Sachdev

Patna MMA Titans - Md. Afroz Khan

Bengal MMA Tigers - Ritika Chandak

Mumbai MMA Supremos - Prince Choudhury

Pune MMA Dragons - Ritu Chakraborty

Sikkim Vanquishers - Rakesh Kumar Shaw

Manipur Fighters - Joychand Moirangthem

Bhubaneshwar MMA Fanatics - Swastik Pattanaik

India has a diverse culture and with its population as the biggest strength, we at IPFL are excited to announce the MMA league here. We aim to change the way combat sports is viewed and played in the future not only within the country but also internationally. This is a sports event that has biggest potential in business and hence the public should benefit from it. 

Our aim is to take MMA to a whole new level and eventually inspire many talented youngsters to take up MMA as a career and enable a better living for the current set of fighters from India. 

This IPFL is all about finding out the ultimate champion if all the martial arts like boxing, wrestling, karate, kungfu is mixed together and pitted against each other. A fighter can use any skill or martial art, kick boxing, judo, taekwondo etc as all the common safety rules applied. 

“We want to give an alternate career to those fitness and martial arts that might not fare very well in other aspects of the life. There are so many examples where many Indian youths goes ashtray in order to show their strength and skills in wrong illegal ways. Nature has built human to always compete and if this is not fulfilled the youth tends to take out their extra energy or frustrations in a unacceptable ways and risk breaking the law. We want to highlight the auction of franchise fighters and bidding by team owners, like IPL  so that we get more people interested and informed and excited to own a team or bring their fighters and become champion and get Rs 50,000 Winning Amount. ,” added Nuur Md Bhutia Martial Arts Trainer.

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