The Stitches by a 15


Age is just a number, an example again recorded where in a Fifteen years old poet JOEL GUHA wrote about her journey of pain and healing , her depth and imagination is the impression of her poetry which led her to write The Stitches . She claims to write down her mind into her poetry and believes it is the best way of unveiling one's inner self to the world.

The launch took place at Oxford Bookstore,Kolkata and was published by Abir Mukhopadhyay under the house name Boiwala Book Cafe, Shantiniketan.
This auspicious launch was graced by the Renowned Painter Swapan Kumar Mallick Professor of Indian Art College, followed by Dr. Dipankar Bagchi, Poet art Critique Post Doctoral Researcher and  Achinty Sural, Children writer.

Report by Anik Bose 
The Citizen Times

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