A MOTO For YOUNG INDIANS - Kanhaiya Kumar

General meeting & an  Interactive  Session today was held at 8pm at  Haji md moshin High School , khiderpore and was  organised By Abdul Zahid Hanaphie  &  Naushad Alam ( pappu) .
      The Citizen Times was also a priviledged partner of todays  program.  The Chief Guest was Dr Kanhaiya Kumar . Other guest  who were present were sri Prosenjit, Md Ali Ramsh , Sri 
Sudip, Md Atiqur Rahman and many others . Payel Paul CEO of The Citizen times anchored the entire event a co hosted the event with Shagufta Hanaphie EDITOR of The Citizen times and co- owner of  Launcherz PR and Events . All guest were greeted by uttariya and Dr kanhaiya kumar was presented a certificate of  Honor from The Citizen Times . Since today was Raksha Bandhan the occasion was also celebrated by teeing Rakhi on  the Guests . Exchange of good thoughts and making Our Nation a better place was the only motto of the young Hero ..
      Be it Young , enthusiastic crowds , be it doctors of locality, be it teachers . be it house wives or be it an old men near about 80''s all fans were taking selfies .. Tired and exhausted Kanhaiya still gave them time and cherish them all ..
   "We have gone and visited him during the election campaign at Begulsarai and he kept his words and agreed to be our guest today . We should have Sons like him who think to unite the country in oneness and not dividing it just for mere gains ." said Abdul Zahid Hanaphie , Convener and Co organizer .
Dr. Kumar spoke  of NRC but showing the path of oneness was only motto . To stand by each other and not letting the government make fools of public by playing the same dirty game what the british once played .His speech was short and straight .
Near about 1000 people gathered today at the general meet . Though the program was only by invitation there  was a crowd to just get a glimpse of the Nations hero.
" We also have a small committee known as West Bengal Mithila Society in khiderpore and since he is from Mithila we also greeted him and gifted him a dafli " said Naushad Alam Co - organizer .
Report by TCT Desk

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