Despite the fight she fought, despite the bad times she went through , she never stopped , she thought to stand up in the society and put a benchmark for herself. 

Woman with the voice of an angel” she says- as her biggest inspiration, Malini started to sing at the tender age of three and by her early teens she had started to take formal lessons in Hindustani Classical Music and Rabindrasangeet. 
The song is based on her personal experience, which shut her off from the world. Ultimately she penned it down and gave it a tune which allows women to speak their heart out, the song gives a sense of freedom to fly freely and similarly puts a message to the ones out there who is experiencing the worst.
Describing herself as a go-getter and someone with a lot of perseverance to follow her dreams, Malini aims to be known for her independent music.
Report By Anik Bose
The Citizen Times

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