Bitten by the Acting Bug - Written by MOUBANI SORCAR (Columnist)

 Moubani Sorcar, Kolkata : The art and craft of Acting is often treated as a book with a very flashy cover.As it takes a lot of patience and inclination to read through a book with tough Bengali words when you have pursued your education in an English medium school and was never exposed to the subject in the extent of the foreign language and have evolved into an exclusive being who does not understand the need to water a plant's roots , in this case, your own cultural roots, I think to me acting is the raw, naked language, as natural as the nudity we are born with and then decided to shun and cover because of our own taboos in understanding human life. We all act, we all know how to act,it is intrinsic, but what we lose over time is the innocence with which you accept the fact that acting is important to us.As we tread into a much more professional world where there are labels and brackets, walls and barricades, we do forget the reason why these barriors were created in the first place.The 

whole of human life does not need these walls, it is only to live in comfort, to be able to care and build better that the mathematics of existential barrios were created.It is only when we see each portion of our body and put attention to it that we can take care. But the barrios of today have found a new purpose.A purpose to inculcate hate in others, to show that one is better than the other, but all this 'warfare of comparisons' is no less damaging than the terror attacks that disintegrate the warmth in our society.I believe that in the first place we must understand what we do. I have been acting all my life.Without me acting who would react? Conglomerated reactions lead to current occurrences in a moment, so should we not act with wisdom if we know this? I am a human being and my heart beats several times a day, with every beat there is an impulse confirming that we are alive and existing, it is that assurance and then the reassurance , that bit of music which binds us together, in a uniform manner. Do we need anyone else to tell us how to act?No matter how many theories we concoction, in our right to life is our right to act, and the acting that we do is for a purpose directed by some supreme natural law, and I am not going to quote William Shakespeare.So, this is how it is, as I column my experiences as an actress I know we will strike a chord together, because yours and my story is the same, we speak the same language, and that is the golden language of the heart. We will laugh and cry together.

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