Every day should be an Independence Day - The Citizen Times

Azaadi , freedom Independece are just words to describe . Are we really Independant or are we  not ? 
Team The Citizen Times a newly launched english news portal along with yhier Ngo Partner spent some valuable times discussing about things people generally hesitate to do so . TCT team was upto doing and setting up a new trend .

The event was graced by a welknown Poet  Suchetana shayari, Sushma singh Editor and owner Aparajita( Hindi Portal) . Others who were present were Durbar Mahila Samanway Committee , Payel Paul Ceo The Citizen Times and Shagufta Hanaphie Editor and Co founder The Citizen Times .

"We want to ignite the lives of Red light areas children by educating them in true means . Only education is not enough they need skills to survive . Our motto is to educate and empower atleast one to join TCT as a reporter . Our search is on and our trainning will start soon  too ."said Shagufta Hanaphie, Editor and Co- founder The Citizen Times.

The  TCT team visited at DURBAR MAHILA SAMANWAYA COMMITTEE and distributed Sanitary napkins and Dal( pulses) to the 50 girls out there . A celebration with a diffrrence .
" It is always not what u want to give . Just think before giving what they need , That is the true power of giving " .said Payel paul , CEO and co founder  TCT  Since Rakhi is about love care and bonding a new Bond of friends were created  by Bestfriendz Society a partner to The Citizen Times in all thier ventures . Bestfriendz is a working with a plathora of NGO's in local and rural areas of Bengal .

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