Thalassemia, leukemia or various other Blood diseases, some of whom are known as blood cancer, in many cases, is controllable disease. Now Latest Generation Medicines and Targeted Therapies have been introduced to the treatment of cancer. Many patients have been survived from Hoskin's lymphoma and many other blood cancers.  Many patients have also spent natural life with treatment of such cancers and blood diseases.

This is where Hope Asia brings up with an initiative, it is known that there will be 35 International Faculties are coming from different corners of the worlds to brief their best researches in the field of Haematology.
There will be 170 National Faculties from all round India best medical institutes in order to make it a grand success. All premium Societies related to Haematology - The Eastern Haematology Group (EHG), The Tata Medical Centre, The Institute of Haematology & Transfusion Medicine (IHTM), The Department of Haematology, NRS Medical College in Kolkata along with the Bengal Society of Haematology (BSH), North East Chapter of Haematology and Transfusion (NEISHTM), Haematology Foundation of Bihar, and Orissa Haematology will organize this event in close collaboration with EHA. 
Major issues to be put up by the team of Hope Asia 2019, and also it hopes to put an impact and pander to the maximum number of people who are affected by such diseases.
Reporter by Anik Bose
The Citizen Times

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