At young age we often flutter and become frickle where we end up being impatient, but here in this Universe everything goes Ina cyclic manner. Here in this story the director portrays a character named Malabika who is young enough to explore the relation and know the meaning of the term Marriage.

Director Anil Prem Srivastava also made a scene where Malabika had been planned under human trafficking where in the film shows how the world loosing it's humanity.
The illegal and corrupted act which is now a daily news across the world , here in the director and team tries to portray and give a message by this act.

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But what goes out ,comes in. Here in the film the casts were : Koel Dhar, Siddhartha, Debjani, Achin Moitra, Subir Sarkar, Kajal Chakraborty , Rana Mukherjee.
This wonderful film was produced by Akhilata Films.

Report By Anik Bose
The Citizen Times

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