SHISHU - KALYAN, Shishukalyan


About 18 people working for this NGO , few works here and few studies at the same time. Their thoughts for the society is what making them work for people and helping them with open arm.

On 15th August they planned to feed children and celebrate this auspicious day by feeding over 800 children  this  year and also this was their fifth year of completion. On this day distinguished guests like Respected Poornima Kundu, Renowned Dancer Indrani Ganguly, The Citizen Times CEO Payel Paul, Megh Sayantani, Begam Jaan, Suman Podder, Journalist Anu Di. 
This guests not only planned to come on this date but also promised to Stand beside Shishukalyan and take it forward.
Reporter By Anik Bose
The Citizen Times

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