200K people across 50 countries attend Online Sahaja Yoga Meditation during lockdown: Sahaja Yoga National Trust

Kolkata: As many as 200,000 people across 50 countries have attended online meditation sessions during
last 20 days of lockdown, according to information from H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust
(National Trust) said.

Interestingly, the visitors who attended Sahaja Yoga meditation collective sessions on their Youtube
channel spread over 50 countries converted the sessions in their local languages for ensuring the benefits
reach all people across the globe.

The free of cost meditation initiative has been taken up by volunteers through Kundalini Awakening and
Self Realisation and is being conducted daily twice through various social media platforms like YouTube
Live, Facebook Live, Mixlr and National TV which overcome geographic boundaries.

“We will continue to meditate collectively twice a day for forthcoming weeks for the protection and
spiritual ascent,” he said.

The world is highly connected at the physical level as the spread of COVID19 has demonstrated. However,
we as a human race are also connected at metaphysical level through our collective consciousness and this
has been felt virtually by the followers of Sahaja Yoga.

Daily meditation sessions are conducted live at 5.30 AM and 7.00 PM (Indian Time) for Sahaja Yoga
practitioners and at 5.30 PM for new seekers through Youtube, Facebook and Mixlr. The new Seeker
session is joined daily by around 1200 new people. The queries are answered by the India tollfree helpline
1800 30 700 800 by volunteers across the country. Sahaja Yoga volunteers from across India manned 24*7
phone lines to provide adequate meditation related guidance to the new seekers for stay at home and
meditate which saw number of contacts growing to over 500 calls per day by new unique contacts.

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