From Kolkata to Kerala - What Communication Can do ?

Where there is a will , there is always a way out .. This is all they wanted . Members of Best Friendz Society Nisha Singh and Shagufta Hanaphie have not left any leaves unturned to sought out the problems of few 400 Daily wagers of Village Domkal, Murhidabad who have got stuck In Bengali Market ,Perambavoor , Kerala .

From connecting with local kolkata media to kerela they reached out everybody . Neverteheless to mention when your heart is pure without twist even God comes to help you and make a way out .

Shagufta said " It was  a friday afternoon while having my lunch i got a call from Physiotherapist Samsul sir of Murshidabad . He said his patients few known people have got stuck in Kerela . Since he knew that i am a PR coodinator he asked to help them through Media . Listening to his conversations i became restless . We are fortunate enough to be Lockdown and have food at home . What about them . He also shared few informations about those people with names and contact information etc. The first thing i did is to contact them . Then without wasting time i pasted the entire information in facebook and few whatsapp groups which i am connected to. Bingo ! and then i recieved a call from Nisha . Rest everything falled at place .The communication started .

" Our only purpose was to not let them sleep Hungry yet another day . Four days without Food is unimaginable . We are the Priviledged people but what abouth them, the less priviledged " said Nisha Singh , Fashion Designer and a member to the NGO .

"We are thank full to all of them to extend thier Help . Cheers to all who worked towards fulfilling one Goal . All our hardwork has paid off .We connected with local Panchayat to the Collector of the town to Minsters to SP to IPS . Our Media peopel to Few i knew in PR .. Its a joint effort . This is what communication does" said Shagufta Hanaphie , PR & Communication Consultant and Secretary to Bestfriendz NGO , Kolkata .

Best Friendz Society extends thier gratitude towards each and everyone who have supported us to complete our Goal . A Special Mention and thanks to to Mr.Sovik of Janatar Chithi , SP Ernakulam , IPS Ravendren Sankaran , Mr.Prasant Menon , Mr. Sumit, PR consultant Pooja from Uttarakhand , PR consultant Saheer, Mr. Thasveer , Physiotherapist Shamsul Sir, Entrepreneur Mr.Mufaddal and others .

NB : All news are not Fake . Before Commenting to anyone veryfy the details . Just as Nisha and I did .

This was truely a collective initiative of Good people with realy Good Heart .Best Friendz as the NGO names suggest, Helps all those in Need . Best Friendz Society is an NGO in Kolkata helping people in need and connecting people who want to do good charity work together .

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