INSOFE launches a comprehensive online Data Science Program “PGP Live”

International School of Engineering (INSOFE) has launched a
comprehensive data science program online called “PGP Live”.
INSOFE’s unique Data Science Program - PGP Live has an unprecedented 1:10 Faculty to
Student Ratio. The Lectures, Labs and Mentoring for students are provided live without losing
the classroom experience. INSOFE is noted for the small group interactive sessions and PGP
Live follows the same pattern as against recorded lectures given to the students.
INSOFE is presenting the best of live & interactive education on an entirely new platform. The
seamless and real time classroom experience is enhanced on this platform for students and
faculty alike. PGP - Live is a 16-credit program that spans across 10 months with 405 hours of
Live Sessions and 60 hours of Bootcamps. The program has seven core technology modules, one
core business module and four technology electives to choose from.
Apart from the Curriculum, students also attend bootcamps to sharpen programming skills and
its application in solving Data Science Problems in addition to working on Live Projects.
Students also get to take part in hackathons that are carefully designed by INSOFE experts to
enhance learning and practical skills, to provide hands-on experience, foster critical thinking,
collaboration and time management.

The distinctive features of the program are
 Fully Live Lecture Based Learning
 Closely Monitored Sessions with Dedicated Mentorship
 Easy and Quick Student Management (online tests, performances, hackathons, mentor
feedback, final evaluation) Through SCT (Smart Classroom Tools)
 India's Best Career Support
 Weekly Student Analytics Report Based on the Hackathons, Team Exercises and Quiz
 Interactive Hands-on Sessions Through Case Studies
 Work on Live projects with faculty
 1:10 Faculty to Student ratio
Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, President and Co-Founder, INSOFE said “In today’s
challenging environment where classroom education is not feasible, we sat together and designed
an online virtual program that still involves all these aspects that matter to us in providing the
right kind of education.”
“We put together an online program that involves as much of interaction as a classroom program,
as much of guidance and as small groups as a classroom education platform. So in this time
where we are all confined to our homes, you still can utilize this time to get that same quality of

classroom learning that INSOFE is always known for and use that to transform yourself into a
world class Data Scientist”, Dr Dakshinamurthy adds further.
Dr. Sridhar Pappu, Executive VP Academics and Co-Founder, INSOFE added saying “The
PGP Live program offers, Live lectures by accomplished professors of INSOFE, Live Labs
where we use tools to have the assignment done in real time with an automatic grading system in
addition we have live mentoring where every week a data scientist will have a reserved slot for a
student and for a small group of students after each module of the course, PGP Live brings the
effectivity of a classroom program to online learning.”
INSOFE is a world-class research, consulting and graduate education institution with a focus on
Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. Extending the horizon beyond a perception that Data
Science is a specialization in computer science, INSOFE recognizes the discipline as a
fundamental alternative that practices deductive Science with Data.  INSOFE essentially bakes a
Data Science way of solving problems in many domains like healthcare, supply chain, financial
markets, and robotics.  INSOFE is passionate about teaching applied engineering in a
technology-intensive industry.  INSOFE cascades this learning through working with CXOs,
Non-tech leaders, tech leaders, and executives.

INSOFE specializes in
 Creating innovative academic programs in applications of data science in various
 Researching the changing roles within the enterprise due to the proliferation of Data
 Create & offer suitable intervention driven hands-on programs for each of these roles. 
 Conducting research, building IP, innovating products and consulting with companies to
help solve some extremely challenging real-world problems.
INSOFE’s unique aspects
 70+ Professors and Mentors
 75+ Patents
 1000+ Publications
 6000+ Alumni
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