Lockdown! Views - as stated by Pritam Dutta of Asparagus Hospitality


We are going through a phase , which our generation havenot seen ever before. We have to deal with it with caution so that the situation remains under control, atleast whatever we can by maintaining social distancing and other rules implemented by our government . According to situation we have to also plan about our work strategies to sustain in the market , once the market becomes stable. Its different scenario for each business as the work module is not the same for all. As I am from the hospitality business most of our work relates to people which results to a good gathering of people. Be it social event or corporate. Everyone from this industry should be calm and should think, whatever best options they have to carry on the trade atleast to sustain in market. It is not a easy task , as the problem is new to us, so the solution will also be the same. Bad times are temporary , so without taking any sudden decisions we have to think over again and act.

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