Monster Launches ‘Work from Home Jobs’ for Seekers Looking for Flexi Jobs Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Monster has always been at the forefront of innovation. In line
with its pioneering work of transforming the recruiting industry with advanced
technology, Monster has added a new feature to help recruiters in taking the
advantage of the growing interest in work from home jobs due to the novel
coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.
The new offering will not only help recruiters showcase the jobs with flexibility to
work from home but will also help job seekers in finding such jobs on the Monster
platform with ease.
We observed a 60% increase in the number of users landing on the Monster
platform using work from home job searches. This was also validated by Google
Trends, which recorded a steady increase in work from home search queries
recently. We felt this is an important feature for employers looking to post work
from home jobs and seekers looking for jobs in these uncertain times.
“Monster is committed to providing a seamless job search and recruitment
experience in line with the market needs. We have our ears on the ground and are
consistently listening to the asks of our customers. The new feature is the result of
our agility and data-driven approach to spot new trends and turn them into
opportunities for the benefit of our target audience,” said, Anshuman Mishra,
CPO, Monster APAC & Middle East.
The COVID-19 situation has impacted the job market and many organisations
have already announced measures to cut costs. The pandemic has compelled
companies to relook at their expenses and many have put a freeze to new hiring,
deferred appraisals and bonuses, curtailed travels and are watching the situation
Though India has managed to curb the explosion of coronavirus outbreak so far,
however, the situation continues to be uncertain as the country is in the
lockdown. The pandemic has adversely impacted the employment scenario
globally and it may take months before the situation starts to improve.

Commenting on the situation, Krish Seshadri, CEO, Monster APAC & Middle East,
said, “The government’s strong resolve to curb the spread of coronavirus is
showing positive results and looks like the crisis will subside as we ramp up our
efforts and move into a decisive phase in the fight against the virus. The impact on
employment, however, given the scale of the crisis is natural and to recover from it
will take time and require collective efforts of all the stakeholders.”
In a scenario when the spotlight is on the work from home jobs, Monster’s new
feature will go a long way in fulfilling the aspirations of both employers and job

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