Kolkata, April 13, 2020: In line with its commitment to customer satisfaction, Renault India has
announced a series of measures to counter the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These
steps are aimed at mitigating the challenges faced by customers in current times.
As many customers are unable to avail offers and warranty on their vehicles, Renault has
announced relaxation on Warranty (including the Extended Warranty policies) and Periodic Service
schedules for its customers during this lockdown period. Renault India’s 24X7 roadside assistance
continues to ensure support for its customers in case of an emergency. Renault has also sent
vehicle maintenance tips to its customers to help them keep their cars in running condition even
during the lockdown.
Renault has also launched an online booking campaign, ‘Book Online Pay Later’, which lets the
customer book a Renault vehicle online, whether on the Renault India website or on the My Renault
App, without paying any immediate booking amount. This action is further substantiated by the use
of digital modes of communication with the prospects, providing them all the information at home.
The My Renault App is a customer app widely used by Renault’s existing customers, updating them
on all the latest information about Renault. It is also used by prospects to explore the Renault range
of vehicles or book one online.
At the same time, Renault has also held the interest of dealers as a key priority. The company has
announced incentives and relaxation on targets to ease the effects of the lockdown. Renault has
also set up a taskforce to facilitate financial transactions with the dealership networks and has
extended support to dealers in terms of inventory holding costs. Renault has, additionally, started a
special programme on skill development and online training of network sales teams.
COVID-19 is a challenge unlike any other faced by humanity in recent times. It has impacted many
aspects of personal and professional lives. There is a need to support each other to bring life back
to normal. In the interest of all Renault employees, dealers and other partners, their families and the
community at large, Renault has announced various measures to help overcome obstacles.
Renault India has implemented multiple preventive measures across its offices, dealerships and the
manufacturing facility and continues to communicate and create awareness among all
stakeholders. Renault India has also been sharing regular advisories with its dealer partners as well
as directives to comply with the guidelines issued by the authorities and regulatory bodies.

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