Stay Mind Positive During Quarantine | Payal Varma


This National Quarantine period has been really difficult for many people lately. Along with the fear of physical health, people are also suffering from degradation of their mental health. I have received calls from people asking for how to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes along with being quarantined. Therefore I have come up with a few suggestions that might help deal with the current scenario a little better. 

 To start with, I would suggest people should indulge in activities that give them happiness. Simple activities like cooking a new dish for yourself or spend couple of hours everyday singing your favourite songs, can be therapeutic. Keeping in mind that the technology helps connecting people we can share these little yet happy accomplishments with our friends and family . Their appreciation will only re-establish a  sense of accomplishment within and enhance our mood at the same time.  Instilling a sense of self appreciation and self love. Avoid excessive exposure to negativity news .Instead indulge into reading inspirational/motivational articles. Music lovers , listen to light music, this calms down our mind and body. Being around our loved ones itself impacts us positively. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones at home.

It has been scientifically proven, Meditation is a very effective tool to keep  our body and mind  healthy. It helps free us from the cycle of negative thoughts. Ideally I would suggest family members to join in meditating together . This will help bring a significant healthy change in your household environment. “ A Family that Meditates Together  Stays Together” is true to a great extent. Try sitting in silence even if for a couple of minute each day, this is the simplest form of meditation. You may also begin to practice “The Twin Hearts Meditation “ a guided form of meditation , and simple to practice . Scientifically proven,   meditation helps strengthen our body’s immune system. Medical doctors all over the world are wanting us to work on our immune system. Stronger immunity will lead to a stronger physical body, which can fight diseases at this crucial hour.

The highest form of happiness is serving humanity ! We at ENIGMA by Payal Varma are open to providing healthy consultation through a distant healing facility (Pranic Healing).Anyone facing any form of health issues may connect with us. You can avail these services by digitally connecting with us without having to leave your home, through Zoom or Video calling facility. We are working full time to provide Telephonic / Online counselling to people fighting anxiety or depression. For appointments, connect through Facebook and Instagram or contact us directly on the given number. Let’s stay strong and positive, and fight this pandemic together. As I truly believe “ UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”

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