Takeda India stands united for Hemophilia on World Hemophilia Day

Kolkata, April 17, 2020 – On World Hemophilia Day, Takeda India, part of Takeda Pharmaceutical
Company Limited, a global biopharmaceutical company, pledges to stand united to support
patients for a better life and brighter future. Takeda is committed to driving awareness and
conversations around Hemophilia to ensure an increased number of diagnoses and, thus, timely
treatment with quality replacement therapy. 
Koki Sato, General Manager, Takeda India, commented, "As a company, we are committed to
serving patients suffering from Hemophilia and support them in their journey to ensure an
improved quality of life. Together with the hematology community, we are raising expectations for
the future, including earlier diagnosis, earlier and full protection against bleeds, and more
personalized patient care. With our innovative therapies, awareness drives, and initiatives, we aim
to contribute towards building a bleed free India by 2030."
Through Access to Medicine (AtM) strategy, Takeda aims to address the broader structural
barriers that prevent patients in underserved communities from receiving the care and treatment
they deserve. In addition to AtM, Takeda India in 2017, launched Purna Samparq, a patient
support program to address the critical unmet needs of Hemophilic patients by offering them
Counselling, Diagnostic, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Education Support under the guidance of the
Consulting Physician to improve the quality of life.
Gopal Agrawal, Head Market Access, Patient Advocacy, and Patient Services, Takeda India, said
“We are committed to addressing the unmet needs of patients wherever they may be, and
sustainably strengthening local health systems at every stage of the patient journey. We
complement this approach with a commitment towards developing an end-to-end access
approach to make our highly-innovative medicines available as soon as practically possible”.
Hemophilia is an inherited single gene disorder that is usually inherited, and about one in every
5,000 males is born with the disorder[2]. As per a reputed patient body in the country, there are
approximately 21,000 registered hemophilia patients in India (footnote source). This rare disease
mostly impacts pediatric males. While most of the patients opt for on-demand treatment when an
episode of bleed occurs, there is prophylaxis treatment that can reduce the annual bleed rate,
therefore leading to a reduced lifetime risk of future bleeds and helping the patients to live a
better-quality life.
[1] http://www1.wfh.org/publications/files/pdf-1731.pdf.
[2] https://www.hemophilia.in/index.php/hemophilia/about-hemophilia

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