Tete-a-tete with Anurag Bhatia of Minance

1. According to you, why is it important for today’s people and enterprises to
smart investments? What are the common mistakes they do while investing?

The state of the global economy is growing more unpredictable with every day and the
landscape at present is very different from how it was a few decades ago. Smart
investments are a necessity to find your stability in an unpredictable market scenario
and this becomes a little complex. The common mistakes that people make when it
comes to money need not be very complicated. It comes down to the very basics like
tracking your credit score but not being too obsessed with it. Mounting up your credit
card debt is another evil you can expose yourself to. Removing focus off Insurance
could cost you later. These are decisions that again are basic in nature but define the
fundamentals of finance. We must plan and plan really well before investing.

2. Every business leader has numerous responsibilities, being an investment
guru, what added responsibilities are you dealing with?

As the leader of the firm, my work does not stop with pitching our products and trying to

get more clients. That is a small part of my job. Business is about people; you pass your

skills on to others. What is crucial for the public is to understand how the market works.
I’m not saying they need to be experts but it’s always good to know exactly what is
going on. I ensure that any information that I gain is passed on from me. There’s no
point in holding on. When you give an advice be it any kind of advice, it needs to be
comprehensive. I've been interested in Investments since a very young age and
Minance is an idea that has existed for years and years. I am fortunate that I got to start
it and grow with it. I ensure that my team is involved in meetings that are critical or
focused on new businesses. It is equally important for them to get the exposure that I
get. We discuss ideas and strategies together and we listen to every single person's
opinion because Minance is not just my brand. When I talk to my clients about their
investments it is not only their investments with Minance but it’s their wealth as a whole.
It is crucial to get that rapport with your clients and build up the confidence to help them
through their finances.

3. Tell us something about yourself? What inspired you to start your journey in
this industry?

I’ve been interested and invested in finance and investments since a very young age.
People often joke about the fact that I never read books in any other genre, which is
almost true. It started out in college with just a blog and I wanted to scale up. That’s
how, Minance started and I built a clientele based on people who are interested in
exploring the market and identifying the opportunities it has to offer. When I was with
Amazon, I got a taste of how people thought about their money and finances. speak
to my colleagues about how they could diversify their investment and honestly my
suggestions worked for them. It always starts with a tiny conversation, becomes a
discussion and soon a business. At a very age of 13, I read S.S Grewal's 'Profitable
Investment in Shares' and finished it in one night. That night was life changing. My heart
was racing with each page I turned and by dawn I knew what I wanted to do in life

4. Tell us something about Minance and what makes it better than its competitors.
We’re a young team. We’ve taken incredible risks and learnt from successes and
failures over time. We are constantly looking for things not just in India but globally.
What distinguishes us, is our relentless race towards tapping into everything we
possibly can! It would be apt to mention in this context that we’ve grown steadily and
have about 3000+ happy investors with appx. INR 220 Crore as Assets Under
Management (AUM)
What sets us apart is the human connection. We hear about robo-advisors all the time,
which the world is moving towards impersonalizing investment services; we’re
swimming in the opposite direction. We’re humans, like to be treated as such and treat
our stakeholders as such. We have a saying inside the company that we’ve not done a
good enough job till the Minance Partners wants you to marry his daughter . Our
investment operations are completely automated and the service provided is from one
person to another. We like to see it as the confluence of Man & Machine.

5. What are your key roles and responsibilities as the Founder/CEO of Minance?
My key roles and responsibilities evolve with the state of the Company. I have a
personal relationship with all my employees and brainstorming together is something, I
heavily endorse. I essentially have three roles – hire great people, set the vision and
make sure the great people we hire are working only towards that vision.

6. What are the best ways to manage risks while investing?
Sell and sell early. You can incur small losses many times, you can take small profits
many times or you can take a large profit sometimes, but never, I repeat, never take a
large loss. Exit as soon as stocks fall more than a pre-decided threshold. You can
always enter it later. The small loss helps you save on taxes too. And if you can’t, you
can always hire us.
7. What are the key milestones you have set for your company for the year 2020-
It’s always important to set a roadmap for your company and that map keeps changing
with time and experience. We are looking to bring Minance to a level where it serves the

elite Indian crowd. We want to target the rich customers and help them manage their
wealth. But yes, we keep catering to others as well that we have been doing. All steps
we will employ in 2020-21, will be to chart that out. We are working tirelessly to
establish a Brand Equity for Minance. We are identifying what we want to stand for five
years from now. Ultimately, the question is; what do we want to be known for? The kind
of people we hire are open-minded, willing to experiment and step out of their comfort
zones. We want them to find us and express an interest in furthering their careers with

8. What are the challenges you and your company are facing right now? How are
you planning to overcome them?
Every company deals with their set of ups and downs, sometimes simultaneously.
There are always going to be people who will be unhappy with you, but that should not
stop you. We are defining ourselves at the moment and it takes years, sometimes
decades for a company to define its focus and culture. That is the challenge we are
facing and we are treading carefully at the moment. Being around for 6 years now there
is a reputation that needs to be maintained in the market and there is much more to
come on how we plan to do that.
Also due to the onslaught of the deadly Coronavirus attack that has snowballed into a
Pandemic, global economy is undergoing a massive change and keeping in sync with
that we are re-innovating our core areas so, then we can provide effective solutions to
our clients.

9. If you could give a message/suggestion to all the investors around the world,
what would it be?
Learn and always try to learn. You do not need to be an encyclopedia but you need to
have answers to the basic questions. One rule - if you do not have the answers, find
someone who does.
At a glance
# Mission of the Company: Our mission is for our partners to make smart investment
decisions and think outside the box along the way. We value our relationships with our
clientele, conjure products diverse in nature and eventually impact the market frame of
the country.

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