VANGUARD started relief work

VANGUARD an open platform of people against religious fanatism and jingoism was formed on 2nd March 2019 in a meeting in COFEE HOUSE, Kolkata. The boost to form VANGUARD came from an attempt and success of a move to save the Kashmiri doctor Sofi Sakeel and his family from the attack of ultra nationalist hindutwa forces after the sordid event of PULWAMA.

1. To protect the unity amongst diversty of our nation
2. To prevent attack for religious or ethnic resions
3. To restore the secular pride of lndia
4.To raise voices for the real demands of soldiers at field
5.To campaign at highest level against real, cold or shadow war
6. To be by the side of bereaved soldiers' families.
7. To contact and help the victims of jingoism
8. To fight tooth and nail against all sorts of religious fanatism.
VANGUARD had been relentlessly organising events and movments since the day of its formation. In recent past it was actively in volved in movement against NPR-CAA-NRC, in movement to demand release of Dr. Kafeel Khan and so on.

Suddenly the CORONA and consequent Lock down jumped into the scenario and no doubt it's a bolt from the blue on toiling masses who live hand to mouth.

After discussion in its whatsapp group members of VANGUARD started lelief work among worst sufferers. Since the first distribution of 5kg rice,3kg Ata, 3kg potato, 1kg dal, 200ml oil and 5 soaps on 29th March, 20 in CHURIPARA, CHITPUR, VANGUARD has organised around 50 such relief distribution from COSSIPORE to KHHIDIRPORE in last 2weeks. It has been supplying raw material to COMMUNITY KITCHENS in Rajabazar and in Khiddirpur dock as far as practicable.

Numerous professionals has extended monetary help in VANGUARD' LOCK DOWN RELIEF. Doctors in particular have been pouring currency and and allowing use of their vehicle like anything. One Professor of Medicine Dr. Krishnendu Roy alone has collected around1.2 lac rupees other than his own contribution.

However, such a mammoth work could not be possible without Herculean labour of Sri Asish Kar, a cotractual labourer of unorganised sector and a reasonable support to him by Sri Biplob Banerjee, a small cable operator.
At present, due to huge demand VANGUARD has minimised its relief package to 3kg rice, 2kg potato, 1kg ata,1kg dal, 200ml oil, 2soaps.
VANGUARD is determined to carry on this job till Lock down induced distress of people subsides or the Govt. take the entire responsibility

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  1. All members of the vanguard doing a noble job in present situation. So I congratulate them heartily.