Yamaha Fascino 125 FI

The all new Fascino 125 FI sets its impression as the style statement for young riders.
The new Fascino is a complete makeover with a bigger BS VI-compliant engine and
exciting features. Slimmed waistline, finely textured look, high class exterior design, the
body of the new Fascino has those flow lines and surfaces that revs in style. A
complimenting headlight with concave lens sets a sharp looking gaze to the overall
appearance of the Fascino and shapes its noble attitude. The new Fascino 125 FI from
Yamaha is street-ready to rev hearts.
Yamaha’s unique style brings metallic accents surrounding the headlight and the front
panel on the scooter body only to define its classic European style. High on making an
impression along with unique technologies, the new Fascino barges into the city rides or
hangouts of the style conscious tandem riders emphasizing their regal lifestyle.
Yamaha Fascino’s European design rests on curvy & higher quality bodywork, dual core
treatment, newly designed headlight, new gauges and other features producing the
never-before elegance and status. The Fascino’s sharp looking gaze is accentuated by its
wide range of colour models including Vivid Red, Metallic Black, Yellow Cocktail,
Matte Blue, Dark Matte Blue, Suave Copper and Cyan Blue tailored for the assorted
lifestyle of young riders.
High performance of 30% more power and 16% more fuel economy due to the new Blue
Core enabled 125 Fuel injected engine, Fascino’s lithe physique and the sleek
manoeuvrability is reminiscent of the new dazzling streamer with an improved drive
force, less fuel consumption and cleaner emissions. Available in both Disc and Drum
brakes, along with UBS and Side stand switch, the new Fascino is all set to earn its
nobility from the young fashionistas of India. The price of the new Fascino 125 FI starts
from Rs. 67,230 (Ex showroom Delhi).

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