Blue Dart freighters fly on international routes to bring medical equipment and essential supplies to India to fight against COVID-19 pandemic


Kolkata, : Blue Dart Express Ltd. South Asia's premier express air and
integrated transportation, distribution and logistics company recently operated its Boeing
757-200 freighter cross border on the Kolkata – Guangzhou, China – Guwahati - Kolkata
route to bring critical PPE and COVID-19 related medical supplies. Blue Dart freighters with
a carrying capacity of 34 tons are flying on international routes to ensure continuity of
essential supply chain in India. Earlier this month, Blue Dart freighters flew on Kolkata –
Dhaka – Kolkata route frequently and are scheduled to fly on Delhi – Guangzhou, China –
Delhi and Kolkata – Guangzhou, China – Kolkata routes through the month of April 2020.
Blue Dart has been flying its 6 Boeing 757- 200 freighters across major metropolitan cities in
India to ensure uninterrupted supply chain continuity of essential shipments like - medical
equipment (ventilators & PPE), testing kits, reagents, enzymes, respirators, surgical masks
and gloves among other medical and pharmaceutical supplies. The company is working
closely with the Government of India, to ensure door-to-door delivery carrying inter-state and
international supplies of essential goods through its strong air and ground express network.
From a charter load to critical shipments the air express company has transported tons of
cargo carrying essential supplies since the nation-wide lockdown began, fulfilling its promise
to keep the mission critical supply chain running and help the nation in fighting this war
against the global pandemic.

Ketan Kulkarni CMO & Head – Business Development said, “There are several
components and ingredients that are coming from different places, whether it’s a drug,
medical equipment or PPE. To ensure continuity of the global supply chain and help our
nation and companies to adapt their operations during this critical health crisis, Blue Dart is
flying Boeing 757-200 freighters round-the-clock to carry medical and other vital supplies in
these difficult times and is firmly committed and honoured to be a part of the Government’s
‘Lifeline Udan’ initiative. Since the lockdown began, we have operated numerous cargo
flights transporting more than thousands of tons of medical supplies, medicines, medical
devices and other essential items for various state governments, medical and pharma
He further added, “At Blue Dart, we are working on a 2-pronged strategy to prepare the
logistics infrastructure for being future ready and ensure both lines operate smoothly –
essential supplies to fight COVID-19 and all other non-essential supplies in the pipeline post
the lockdown exit.”
In addition to this, Blue Dart is providing support with daily shipments across India for
requisitioned items by State Governments, Municipalities, Hospitals and Research Centres
during this challenging period. Some of these include special food for paralytic children;
medicines for senior citizens residing in another town sent by their children; important and
confidential papers for legal agreements; masks for cancer affected children as well as

healthcare staff; temperature controlled medicines that need to be maintained at a specific
temperature in order to maintain their efficacy among others. 
Blue Dart will continue to offer unwavering support during these difficult times to ensure an
uninterrupted supply chain across domestic and international markets. Our employees are
motivated and eager to contribute to serve the country while keeping health and safety as a
Blue Dart has listed itself on the dedicated Medical Air Cargo website

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