The Chosen One


Kolkata - "One person can make a difference and everyone should try." - J. F. Kennedy.
    Building myself from block to block based on such theory have been my only attempt since years I can remember of Lockdown for almost about two months which was called at the wake of the global pandemic, Covid19 very suddenly had left millions clueless about stocking ration at home those who afford but imagining the plight of those who were day labour class with no savings at all to stock up food or those stranded on the road as they we're work less n homeless post lockdown. This was the time to be with them and for them. I did my part as much as I could do and shall continue to do the same. Dry ration seemed most important and helpful option in the beginning, so I along with my family members had distributed staples like rice, lentil, wheat flour, sugar and salt to more than 100 poor families hoping it would last them for atleast a week. As the lockdown became strict and well regulated over the time, cooked meal to serve to the hungry became the next call. So I, alongside NHRO & NRAI (National Restaurant Associate of India- Kolkata Chapter) began working on the campaign of We Feed in Need where my team of many volunteers and myself were out on the road, visited slums, the homeless and started feeding. Its almost 15 days now, we have fed more than 13000 people yet. Our plan is to run this campaign will keep running till the end of the lockdown. 
While pondering over what else can be done, I had to wonder about the infants and toddlers too whose staple isn't rice or daal but only milk! 

Got myself together arranged for milk distribution for the lil ones. This by far was the most satisfying activity for me. I was overwhelmed by the smiles I saw on the child and mother's face. Nothing can beat this happiness. In this activity, we have distributed milk to more than 500 families. I am also planning to distribute Ramadan Kits & Mask, Surgical Hand Gloves & Cap to the needy. 

Its a blessing to have friends and associates who have come forward to help in my small endeavour . I believe I Am the CHOSEN ONE . Yes I am . 
Though all these activities are ongoing and I'm glad that i could do my bit as much as I can under the guidance of NHRO . My open letter to all welwishers and reader are to urge all of you to join our campaign and help the needful. 
Let's make the difference together to build a better world.
With humbleness I take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you, Irfan Noor here, the Youth President of NHRO (National Human Rights Organisation) West Bengal and member of IHRC (International Human Rights Commission). 

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