TikTok’s #MatKarForward initiative urges netizens to curb the spread of misinformation

In today’s times when misinformation and inaccurate news is rampant, as responsible
netizens, we all need to be extremely careful with what we create and share online. Fake
news is harmful, makes us ill-informed, erodes trust and impacts communities. TikTok has
launched its Public Service Announcement (PSA) titled #MatKarForward to help raise
awareness among the digital community around creation and sharing of misinformation.

Directed by Anurag Basu, the PSA features some of the most credible voices in the country
including Virat Kohli, Sara Ali Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana and Kriti Sanon who have
joined forces with TikTok to lend their support in spreading the #MatKarForward message,
far and wide. Given the deluge of information today, the PSA urges the netizens to verify the
details from credible sources before sharing it with others.

Commenting on the initiative, Nikhil Gandhi, India Head, TikTok said, "Spread of
misinformation is an industry-wide concern and a shared responsibility. As a leading short-
format video platform where users enjoy the freedom of creative expression, we continue to
take proactive steps to prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities.

#MatKarForward is part of our ongoing initiatives to raise awareness around the spread of
misinformation and to maintain a safe and positive environment for our users.”  

As a platform that brings joy to millions of users, the goal is to develop policies and
community tools that make TikTok a safer platform for users. Earlier this year, greater clarity
was added to our Community Guidelines in order to maintain a supportive and welcoming
environment on TikTok. Most recently, to fight the menace misinformation in times of
COVID-19, we introduced a 'Misleading Information' category, along with a COVID-19 sub-
category, within the in-app reporting feature. Last year, a similar awareness campaign called
#WaitASecToReflect was launched, urging users to pause and think before sharing anything

Tackling misinformation is an integral part of TikTok's ongoing effort to foster a welcoming
space for users to express creativity and find joyful, meaningful content. Additionally, users
too can participate by pledging support to this initiative by sharing videos with a specially
created and animated in-app #MatKarForward sticker. 

The PSA was shot by the cast and edited by the Director at their respective homes, following
the Government of India's social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 norms.
Virat Kohli - We live in an era where anyone with a smartphone can create and share
information. As responsible citizens we must verify facts before sending it to others.
#MatKarForward is a step towards encouraging the users to minimize the spread of
misinformation on the internet. I support this initiative by TikTok, and I am sure that it will
be a wake-up call for the people to do their bit and make this world a better place for
Sara Ali Khan - I believe sharing of misleading content is as dangerous as creating it. I am
proud to be a part of TikTok’s #MatKarForward initiative to raise awareness around
spreading of misleading misinformation.
Ayushmann Khurrana -As responsible netizens who are constantly bombarded with
information, we should have our guard up at all times given the amount of fake
news/information that is being directed at us. We should double check before hitting forward
because we all have the power to put a stop to malicious information that intends to tear

down our society. TikTok's #MatKarForward is an effort to discourage internet users across
the country so that they think twice before sharing any and every piece of information.
Kriti Sanon - No matter how interesting a forwarded controversial video seems,
#MatKarForward urges content platform users to always check for its authenticity before
believing it, let alone sharing such a piece of content. I hope TikTok's effort in this direction
will urge the users to give an extra thought before sharing and creating misinformation.
Anurag Basu - Today, we have a bigger responsibility than ever before to prevent the spread
of misinformation. We all have the power to share the right information by evaluating the
information we have at hand. I am glad to collaborate with TikTok and other inspirational
voices on this project to further contribute to the efforts in reducing misinformation. I hope
this is an awakening for everyone of how our actions can affect others today and every day.  

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